Explore China with Li Wenying, Programme Director at the Sanbao Ceramic Art Institute from Hong Kong to Guangzhou and the potteries of Foshan and Shiwan to the adobe fortified clan houses of the Hakka people’s, to Dehua (whitewares), through the Wuyi mountains to Jianyang (blackwares) before days of demonstrations and workshop practice at Sanbao and visits to artists & craftsmen in Jingdezhen.  



Provisional Itinerary March 6th / 7th – 24th 2012


Tuesday / Wednesday  6th / 7th      12.30 Depart London on Cathay Pacific

                                  07.05  Arrive Hong Kong (drive straight to Guangzhou)

                            OR 21.25 Depart London on VirginAtlantic

                                  17.40 ArrivesHONG KONG(1 night)

Thursday 8th   March     1)   Drive to GUANGZHOU (2 / 3 nights)                 

Friday            9th          2)   Visit Foshan and Shiwan – famous for their ceramics,ArtSchool

Saturday 10th         3)   Museum of the Southern Yue Royal Mausoleum

                                  & maybe another museum, & Chen Clan Ancestral Hall                      

Sunday          11th         4)   YONGDING (1/2 nights) county (most famous clan houses at                                          ZHENCHENGLOU)  to visit the Hakka people’s, their fortified                                               adobe clan houses & sample their food

Monday 12th         5)   YONGDING 

Tuesday  13th         6)   Drive to DEHUA (2 nights) Visit museum   

Wednesday   14th         7)   DEHUA known for its white glazed figurines & light celadon glazes

Thursday 15th         8)   Drive to JIANYANG (1 / 2 nights) – famous for its Song Dynasty black                              wares.  

Friday            16th         9)   Drive to WUYISHAN (1 /2 nights) mountain is famous for its 4,000 year

                                  old boat burials set high in the cliffs along the river


Saturday 17th              10)  Drive to JINGDEZHEN Sanbao Ceramic Art Institute (5)


Sunday          18th        11)  JINGDEZHEN Visit earlyCeramicsMuseum at Hutian

                                   & Ancient Kiln Porcelain Factory

Monday          19th             12)  Visit antique market & potters making large porcelain vases


Tuesday  20th         13)  Studio demonstrations & workshops on local porcelain                                                   techniques including, throwing, trimming, blue-on-white                                               painting,enamels.  Hands on experience.

Wednesday    21st        14)   Visit porcelain markets & studios inJingdezhen

Thursday 22nd                     15)  10.10 Flight ZH9722 to arrive 11.30 Shenzhen

                                   Transfer to Hong Kong (1)

Friday            23rd                      Free day to exploreHong Kong

                                   23.25 / 23.55 depart Hong Kong

Saturday 24th                05.25 / 05.40 arrive London Heathrow                      

Group photo


Here’s a photograph of the most recent group of people to be here at Sanbao. From right to left there is Katie, Joyce, Wenying, Janet, Pimenta, Gary and Tom at the back. You can find further information on all of the resident artists and staff on their individual posts on this blog.

Shin and Cory, June/July 2011


June saw the arrival of the lovely couple Shin Koyama and Cory Taylor from Australia who are in the process of developing one of the existing Sanbao studios here to create a retreat here in Jingdezhen. We are pleased to announce the name of this new area as the beautiful Bamboo Garden House! Shin and Cory met in Japan and migrated to Australia in 1983 and established Gallery No in Paddington, Sydney as a space for workshops and exhibitions for printmakers from Japan.

Shin was born in Japan and started his career as a textile designer before becoming an illustrator and printmaker. He has won a number of prizes for his illustration work including the Kodansha Grand Prix and Nichido Gallery Grand Prix. He taught printmaking in Sydney and in Moss Vale at various colleges and workshops. He is currently collaborating with Thai artist Vipoo Srivilasa, and Dutch artist Cirque de Pepijn on a major project called International Monster Project. At Sanbao Shin is using the traditional blue and white style as a medium for his own style work.

Cory’s background is scriptwriting in the film industry although she has just published her debut novel March this year called Me and Mr Booker. She currently teaches at the Australian Film, Radio and Telivision Studio in Sydney and before that was teaching at the Queensland College of Art in Brisbane. While at Sanbao she is in the process of writing her second novel which is partly set in China about a man with a passion for porcelain.

They will be with us until mid-July when they will go to Japan, though they plan to return and join us again in August.


Janet Williams, June/July 2011


Also in June/July we have been happy to host Janet Williams, also from the US but originally from the UK. Janet teaches at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte, and prior to that has taught at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, the University of Michigan and Cleveland Institute of Art. She also previously co-ran the Art Farm residency in Nebraska for 12 years.

Much of Janet’s work relates to identity and environment and and still keeping that theme her work at Sanbao has seen a slightly different direction in terms of method of making. Found ready-made objects including old wooden stamps, slipcasting moulds and underglaze decals along with organic materials from the local area were combined to create small collections. Surface decoration has been a focus through the body of work here, with references to Chinese text and a sense of place. Janet also experimented with the large 50 x 90cm tiles available from Jingdezhen. She wishes to thank UNC for supporting her to come to China and work at Sanbao.

She won’t be able to come next year as she already has a residency lined up which will end with a show late 2012. Good luck with the exhibition Janet and hope to see you again in the future.


Joyce Nagata, June/July 2011


June and July saw the hosting of Joyce Nagata from the US. She teaches at West Town School in Pennsylvania and has been with us in China for just over 4 weeks.

She has previously been run her own business as a production thrower and at home usually works with earthenware to handbuild brightly coloured pieces. She was thankful to the Barnley Tyas Foundation for a grant towards her trip to China where she has had the opportunity to try something new and study the Chinese style painting and throwing Jingdezhen porcelain. Joyce experimented with some interesting techniques of segmenting and carving into the forms and using decal underglaze decoration. Much of the work has been influenced by the fabric patterns and cuts that she has seen here in China.

Another major part of the trip to China for Joyce was the opportunity to see her daughter Katie who has been living in Nanjing for the past 2 years. Katie is currently teaching college counciling to Chinese students looking into studying abroad, though she plans to move soon to Shanghai. She came to Sanbao to stay for a few nights at the end of the residency and is now heading to Xi’an with her mum to spend some time together before Joyce has to fly back to the States.

Hope to see you next year Joyce.

New: The Sanbao Collection


We thought it was time for everyone to see the huge range of ceramics collected here at Sanbao. We are pleased to announce the opening of The Sanbao Collection. Located just across the courtyard from the main gallery, the collection focusses on historical ceramics and other artifacts though also houses an area of modern contemporary works from international artists.

gary gal副本

Gary Erickson, June 2011


Arriving earlier this month was Gary Erickson from the US who has been to Sanbao for the last 4 years. This year he has an exhibition running at Jingdezhen International Academy of Ceramics which will pull together all of the sculpture that he has been working on in Jingdezhen in these past years. The exhibition is titled Yin Yang: Nature’s Influence and will be displayed until 7th July 2011. This year Gary is continuing his work on this series at Sanbao.

Gary is Visiting Assistant Professor of Art-Ceramics at Macalester College in St. Paul, MN and works from his Minneapolis studio back home.

Below are some photos of his exhibition and his time at Sanbao in the past few weeks.

A big thank-you to our volunteers


We’d just like to take a moment to say thank-you to all the volunteers who have come to Sanbao over the last month to help us with cleaning and reorganising the studios. Their help has been invaluable and they’ve been a pleasure to work with.

Below are some photos of the day we cleaned out the kiln room and created a new glaze area for residents.

Li Xiaowen, June 2011


Sanbao has been happy to introduce Xiaowen to the long and winding road of ceramics this month. After studying and working in France for several years Xiaowen was working in graphic design in Paris and Beijing before she decided recently to move to more expressive pastures.

She arrived here to meet her friend Gary Eriksson here after she designed the booklet for his current Jingdezhen exhibition. She has been working on jewellery design for a little while now and is interested in translating these ideas into clay focussing on colour and pattern.

She is also learning how to waltz but has a long way to go. When she comes back next week maybe Tom will teach her.

Ecco Sun, June 2011


June has seen the hosting of our fun new friend Ecco.

Ecco moved from China to Vancouver, Canada, 6 years ago with her family. She has in that time been studying art and ceramics and is clearly now fluent in English. This year was the first time she returned to China since leaving when she was a teenager and so she has been travelling around seeing family and friends. She was with us for 2 weeks working on surface decoration and improving her throwing. She was also a big hit with the mosquitoes.

See you next year Ecco!